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I'm a professional IT consultant, experienced, eager to learn, ahead in time, having skills of a digital geek.

"Human interaction changes radically. Our children face completely new machinery, media, lifestyles, ways to relate, play, work and valuate. The new world is not just an upgrade.
It's a new world that is built in the background." - by digiGeek

AI, ML, DeepL, Smart Contracts & Blockchain, autonomous Cars & Drones, Big Data & intelligent Data Analytics

Improve your Mining Factory & Hashrate
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Cloud Computing, Shared Pool
Cloud Computing

About me

I know how to deep dive in clean Data Lakes using best tools for Data Preparation, Data Cleansing, Data Mining, Data Analytics & Visual Reporting. I know how to read data and unhide hidden values.

As a Certified Computer Scientist I started my successful career in a leading Swiss Bank.
For Business & Steering Board I developed relevant business- & planning/steering-applications using 4th gen. programming and The SAS System. (show list | hide list)

I'm used to find Needles in the Haystack and Gold Nuggets hidden in the data.

With my ISACA CISA Diploma I worked as a Certified Information Systems Auditor for a "Big Four", screening and auditing the largest companies of the Swiss Financial Services, Industry and Transportation. (show list | hide list)

My Advanced Studies in Big Data and Machine Learning at the University of Zürich in 2018 complete my formation. (show topics | hide topics)

Welcome on my info portal. Catch some impressions of my insteresting journey through Industry 4.0, Blockchain & Co.

Matthias Seiler

Matthias Seiler

CEO & Founder of digiGeek

Let us be the winning team of Industry 4.0 / new technologies.

Clone, my Robot

Clone, my Robot

Clone, Vice CEO of digiGeek

Whenever my boss needs a quick break, I keep up the good work.

Best Team of Robots

Best Team of Robots

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