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I'm a Senior IT consultant for your high performance team, I am professional, experienced, a committed high performance individual, eager to learn, ahead in time, having skills of a digital geek.

"Human interaction changes radically. Our children face completely new machinery, media, lifestyles, ways to relate, play, work and valuate. The new world is not just an upgrade. It is a new world that is built in the background." - by digiGeek

AI, ML, DeepL, Smart Contracts & Blockchain, autonomous Cars & Drones, Big Data & intelligent Data Analytics

About me

I dive into Data Lakes using the best tools for Data Preparation, Data Cleansing, Data Mining, Data Analytics & Visual Reporting. I know how to read data and unhide hidden values.

As a Certified Computer Scientist I started my successful career in the Swiss Banking IT.
For Steering Board & Business I developed relevant planning-, steering- and business-applications using scripting, 4th generation OOP programming and The SAS System.
So, I'm used to find the needles in the haystack and the valuable gold nuggets hidden in the data.

With my ISACA CISA Diploma I worked as a Certified Information Systems Auditor for the "Big Four", screening and auditing the largest Financial Services companies, Banks, Industry and Transportation.


I finished my Advanced Studies in Big Data & Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Robotics at the University of Zürich in 2018 and my Advanced Studies in Blockchain, Crypto Currencies, Smart Contracts, IOT, Dapps, DAO, FinTech & DeFi at the University of Zürich in 2019.

BigData, AI & ML
Bitcoin & Blockchain

In 2020 I gained telecommunication industry skills and worked in the telecom business until 2023 providing data analytics & artificial intelligence.

Welcome on my info portal. Catch some impressions of my insteresting journey through IT, Industry 4.0, Analytics, AI, Blockchain, Web3 & Co.

Matthias Seiler

Matthias Seiler

Let us be the winning team of Industry 4.0 / new technologies.

Clone, my Robot

Clone, my Robot

Clone, Vice CEO of digiGeek

Whenever my boss needs a quick break, I keep up the good work.

Best Team of Robots

Best Team of Robots

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